A Guide to the UK Student Visa

A student visa permits students from outside the UK to pursue a full-time degree level program at a UK university, college or other entitled and qualified educational institutions in the UK.
Following is the roadmap we have created for you to get the UK student visa or Tier 4 visa.


Age: 16 and above
Program: You must be placed at UK’s authorized educational institution. You must possess requirements to get enrolled in a full-time course of the UK’s eligible colleges or universities to be placed there.
Points: Must have 40 points in the point-based assessment
Exams: You must have cracked their English language examination or B2 English for degree level and B1 for below-degree level.

When You Can Apply?

Apply at least before 6 months to start your course.

Visa Duration:

Depends upon the duration of your course. For above 18 years, you can stay for 5 years in the UK for a degree program and 2 years for below a degree level.


  • £363 from outside the UK
  • £490 to extend or switch to a Student visa while staying in the UK already


  • a valid passport
  • a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) from your UK university
  • a proof of money
  • a valid ATAS certificate
  • proof of legal guardian for students who are under 18
  • proof of relationship with a legal guardian for students who are under 18
  • tuberculosis (TB) test
  • a proof of financial sponsorship or loan for the course you have received

Students who are under 18 must have to submit written information from their legal or parental guardians including awareness of the following information:

  • visa application
  • living and other arrangements in the UK
  • travel to the UK

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